School Wide Positive Behavior Expectations: Polite -- Be Respectful; Prompt -- Be On-time; Prepared -- Be Ready to Learn; Productive -- Be an Active Learner.

Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School

MHS celebrates CSEd Week!

That's right!

Student presenters talk about their CS experience.

Students work toward completing their Hour of Code.

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Class of 2017 Presentations
Date: 2/27/2017
Location: MPR
Classes in Session
Date: 2/27/2017, 8 AM 11:40 AM
Location: Staple Center Conference Room
AP Spanish Tutoring
Date: 2/27/2017, 10 AM 10:30 AM
Date: 2/27/2017, 1 PM 3:15 PM
Location: Principal Conference Room
Cheer Practice
Date: 2/27/2017, 2:15 PM 4:30 PM
Location: MPR

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New $750,000 grant will help Promesa Boyle Heights reach new goals

By Gus Ugalde
As a child, Ricardo García would play a game with his mother whenever the two went on road trips: his mother would give him the distance they were travelling and the speed she was driving and he would calculate how long it would take them to reach their destination.

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