School Wide Positive Behavior Expectations: Polite-Be Respectful; Prompt-Be On-time; Prepared-Be Ready to Learn; Productive-Be a Learner. Mendez Open Houses on Saturdays in September and October 2018 for 8th graders and their families.

Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School

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Global Learning Project

Graduates of Mendez High School for College and Career Prep will:

Pursue Academic Excellence:
1. Understand multiple perspectives in analyzing problems and applying new knowledge to real-life experiences.
2. Communicate effectively all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
3. Take initiatives and show commitment by successfully completing academically challenging courses.

Be Involved Citizens:
1. Understand the connection of our local community to the global community.
2. Demonstrate social awareness and create positive change for themselves and their community.
3. Advocate and exhibit healthy life-style.

Possess in 21st Century Skills:
1. Use imagination to create, produce and share information.
2. Combine technological fluency and creativity in order to effectively problem-solve.
3. Explore new and/or radical ideas.